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tusmore house

South East View of Tusmore House
South East View

Project: Tusmore House
Masonry Contractor: APS Masonry
Executive Architect: Whitfield Lockwood Architects
Project Architect: Johnson Cave Associates

Described as a 'Palladian Gem' by the press, Stewart Design (UK) Ltd produced all the working drawings, production schedules and templates for this substantial private residence, involving approx 900m³ (32,000ft³) of Massangis stone.

Tusmore House is a magnificent 3,800m² new property for a private client.

The ground floor comprises 140mm thick, tooled and rusticated ashlar and the upper floors generally comprise 100mm ashlar and bonders to brickwork, constructed simultaneously, providing a monolithic loadbearing structure.

Brickwork was used to provide a economic solution to an otherwise traditional masonry construction process with 5mm joints and lime mortar using ashlar blocks up to 1100mm x 500mm in size.

The portico comprises six free-standing and four engaged ionic columns with carved capitals. Solid drums more that 1m in diameter and 700mm high form the front 10m high columns and support the pediment and 2½ tonne springers.

The west elevation comprises Venetian windows and a stone entrance porch to a terrace facing a lake.

The stone used is massangis, quarried in the Dijon region of France and shipped in block form to APS Masonry in Osney Mead, Oxford, for manufacture and fixing.


Drawing of Portico
Natural Stone Portico
Pediment to Portico
Pediment to Portico
Pediment to Portico
West Elevation
East Elevation
West Elevation
West Elevation