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Graham Goldthorpe, Natural Stone Consultant

"In recent years the introduction of 'fast- track' techniques has revolutionised the organisation of building contracts and developers of today routinely expect the best quality stonework coupled to a rapid building programme.

Design of the stonework is of particular importance and it should be appreciated that between the Architect's drawings being prepared and the arrival of stone on site there is a critical stage in any contract where precise detailing has to be undertaken in order to provide both production information, in the form of cutting schedules and templates, and fixing drawings for construction purposes.

This is the most crucial stage of any job and, as such, the design work needs to be placed in expert and experienced hands.

I have worked closely with Stewart Design  (UK) Ltd for over 18 years on a wide range of stone projects where they have been engaged to undertake the design work involved. The information provided is always accurate and professionally presented, and they are used to working to tight programmes and meeting critical completion deadlines. In addition to this, they always adopt a pro-active and helpful approach to problem solving - and there are always a lot of problems to solve on most jobs!

I therefore have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Stewart Design for any kind of stonework contact. Their involvement will ensure a smooth running project and will take the burden of responsibility for the design of the stone away from the supplier and fixing contractor, allowing them to focus on production and project planning."

Steve Fozzard – Marlborough Brickwork Ltd

"As part of Marlborough Brickwork Ltd’s works on one of the most significant developments in Leeds city centre in recent times, 22-26 Broadgate, a substantial, complex and innovative hand crafted masonry and Portland stone façade was required to complete the historic landmark building.

Architecturally the plans and intent for the building to complete the original design by Sir Reginald Bloomfield had been approved, however the detailing, scheduling and production of working drawings required a design company with the experience of age old masonry techniques and the ability to fuse them with modern methods of construction, whilst appreciating the increasing demand on shorter programmes and financial viability.

Stewart Design (UK) Ltd provided an invaluable expertise and a professional approach, as the primary link between the conception of the scheme and the delivery of the final masonry units on to the project, of which there were some 5500 bespoke items.

This approach was evident from the first site visits to the final production of construction drawings and working templates for the stone manufacturer.

Stewart design (UK) Ltd’s team provided the highest degree of detailing & scheduling drawings, on time, with a dedicated approach and professional assurance that has been positively complimented on by all parties responsible for the delivery of what is now an award winning scheme.

Stewart Design (UK) Ltd is a valued member of our supply chain, and Marlborough Brickwork Ltd recommends Stewart Design (UK) ltd."

Peter Yiangou - Peter Yiangou Associates

"We have worked closely with Stewart Design on two projects to date, the most recent of which, a new build country house, where we initiated their involvement at a very early stage to facilitate the stonework details prior to the stonework going out to tender, with the following advantages;

Stewart Design provided a comprehensive set of working drawings, eliminating queries over details and allowing us to obtain accurate prices for the finished work.

The stonework design being produced early has been more efficient on overall programme time when the stonework element is let, as the project will not have to be drawn by the stonemasonry contractor. The contractor is able to start production of the stone when required, knowing that full manufacturing information is already clear.

The stone contractors have been able to price with confidence, knowing that details have been finalised, therefore reducing the claims for extras due to changes in detail.

Time can be saved in the long term as details finalised earlier in the design process improve integration of details into the overall design. Improved interfaces between stone details and other technical details mean savings can be made from reduced knock-on effects of delay and disruption due to unforeseen detail design problems at a later stage, or when the project is on site.

We have found our association with Stewart Design most advantageous, and would recommend their early involvement as an important element of any stone project."

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Chris Bromige – CWO (Chichester) Ltd

"I have utilised the services of Stewart Design (UK) Ltd on many occasions over the past 10 years. Their drawings are always concise and clear and are greatly appreciated by both our Banker and Fixer masons alike. Accompanying paperwork is always up to date and programmes rigidly observed.

Most importantly however, is their thorough understanding of both traditional and modern masonry detailing.

It is because of their in-depth knowledge of the craft that we feel confident Stewart Design will always provide the most cost effective solution to any stone design package."

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