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Stewart Design were engaged to produce a 3D model of this cap from which APS then created the toolpaths to machine on their 5-axis profiling machine. This cap was for a series of 6 on top of columns to a Portico, thus greatly reduced the overall production time for this item.

Ionic Cap
Ionic Cap being Machined

Project: Irish Country House
Masonry Contractor: APS Masonry, Oxford

The Architect for this project wanted to see an image of how two differing stone profiles would appear when they intersected one another. These two profiles were the moulding of an arch coming down onto a column. This was further complicated by the top of the column being circular and having an entasis (tapering surface) at the top.

The profiles were drawin in 3D and developed to a point where they could be viewed from any angle. The architect was pleased with the result and the stones manufactured as required.

Project: Bury St Edmunds Cathedral
Masonry Contractor: Ketton Architectural Stone & Masonry
Architect: Gothic Design Practice